We're a small boutique company, a Creative Powerhouse of Storytellers and Artists offering a powerful mix of video production services.

Many of our clients come to us because of our personal attention and high quality audio-visual production.

We are purely ​satellite, which allows us to produce a quality product at an affordable cost. No elaborate office's, no fancy boardroom or viewing rooms, just simply video production, done right. 

Our team of experienced directors, producers, videographers, editors, mixers and technicians provide you with everything you need to finish your project on time and on budget.

From concept to completion we create polished, top-quality content, produced to captivate your audience.

We are here to ​tell your story and supply you with the tools it takes to be set apart from the rest. Contact us today to get started!

What are you trying to say?

Video is the most POWERFUL way to reach your audience. If a picture is worth a thousand words... creative video production is worth 100,000.

​We help you stand out from the competition by combining the latest marketing strategies and commercial production services expanding Your Brand. It's all about you.

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Anyone can point a camera, we're STORYTELLERS

​We're based in Phoenix, AZ, but film EVERYWHERE


CEO Scotty Robertson / Client Relations / Director / Executive Producer

​Scotty discovered his passion for video production observing companies as they filmed him on and off the golf course as a golf professional. For more than a decade he appeared on hundreds of Network television shows from around the world. He found the creative side of production very interesting and now views all film as a form of art. His attention to detail assures our clients receive the highest quality product.

PRODUCER Mayo Tirado / Producer and Director of Photography / Animator

​Mayo brings more than 20 years of professional experience in advertising, commercial photography, computer animation, editing and independent film production, along with a deep understanding about branding,, design and storytelling, all of which play a key role in helping companies communicate with their target audience.

VIDEOGRAPHER Andrew Magana / Cinematographer / Writer /Editor / Tech

Andrew is a graduate of ASU, with a Bachelor's Degree in Film and Cinematography. He's a passionate filmmaker and writer. He's a real asset on and off the set, with a strong work ethic and prides himself as a team player. He is easy to work with and is diligent to accomplish the end goal.

VIDEOGRAPHER Jorge Mariscal Valle / Writer / Editor / Sound Mixer / Tech

Jorge brings street and documentary experience to the team. He's also a graduate of ASU with a Bachelor's Degree in Film-making Practices. He's worked on several television shows as a floor director and sound mixer. He's also filmed all over the world and is bi-lingual. His street and documentary background helps with specific styles and offers a unique perspective.


Concept Development

First, we define your target audience, goals and message. Next, we’ll create a development package, including a detailed concept, timeline and budget for your project.

Important Questions

· Who is your target audience?

· What call to action do you want your viewers to take?

· What is your budget and deadline?

· Is it a single video, or a series?

· What is the length of the video?

· What is the marketing and distribution plan?

· How will you measure the success of this project?

Once you sign off on the plan we can get the project underway beginning with preproduction. 


Bring us your idea or basic outline and our experienced writers will turn it into a polished shooting script. This ‘script’ will be used as the blueprint for the entire production, so it is important to get it right. If you already have a script? Not a problem! We are happy to review your script and offer our input, providing a final bit of polish if necessary.

3D Animation & Motion Graphics

​After we shoot, during post production our graphic designers can add 3D animation or motion graphics to enhance your video. Graphics and animation can add a professional look and feel. 

Project Management

Using us to manage your video production project will ensure you stay on track with all of the tasks required for your video production initiative. We will create a detailed list of tasks to monitor the status of your project, keeping you on schedule and budget. 

Still Photography

There are a multitude of uses for still imagery. Our videographers are experienced professionals and are exceptional at capturing the moment. From live events to corporate marketing, we offer fantastic photos. In almost every genera, there's a need for great still photography and we get it done, while Keeping It Simple.

Single / Multi Camera

When shooting a video project, one of the first decisions made is whether to use multi-cameras or single camera. Both have their benefits, depending on the situation and context. A multi camera shoot offers the freedom to switch between points of view. A single camera shoot offers more stability, though it can be more expensive due to camera repositioning requirements. Identifying your needs and your desired end product will able you to determine whether multi-camera or single camera is right for your project. We can help you with that decision. 

Creative Direction / Preproduction

PreProduction is both the most important and the most overlooked aspect of video production.

To ensure your project is executed professionally, you can utilize our preproduction services. This includes casting and auditioning talent if required, scouting locations, preparing props, scripting, story-boarding, selecting music or sound effects and determining the creative direction.

Post Production / Editing

We offer top notch post production services. From editing documentaries, to  producing corporate sizzle reels and television commercials, our video production team is fully equipped to deliver a professional product in any format you desire.

We can apply video editing, color grading, 3D animation, motion graphics, sound editing, visual effects, transcoding to physical media, web based media, broadcast or digital cinema.

Quality audio production and editing is equally important to your project. We provide a full range of audio production services, including audio editing, sound design, music tracks, sound effects and voice-over narration. 

Aerial Video & Photography 

We are commercially certified and have mastered the art of aerial video and photography. Our experienced and skilled pilots / videographers offer the highest quality performance and end product. 

Onscreen Talent & Voice-Over 

We work with a variety of Arizona local talent and agencies. We can help you find the right fit for your project. 

Web-Based Services

Brand Marketing / CRM / Website Design and Development / Email Campaigns / Social Media / Optimization

We're here to make your video dreams a reality!


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